mcc panel manufacturer

MCC Panel Manufacturer

Based in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, Shrinath Electric is a renowned manufacturer and supplier of motor control system. The main purpose of the mcc panel is to control the start and stop of an electrical motor. Additionally, mcc panel protects electrical motor from a serious damage caused by overload. According to the customer's specifications and needs, Shrinath Electric is a famous manufacturer for mcc panel in Ahmedabad and supplier of customised mcc panels.
Our designed mcc panel are extensively utilised in the many cutting-edge industries like water pumps, processing units, heavy machinery, industrial equipment, the automotive industry, medical and office equipment, electronics, and telecommunications. Our mcc panel architecture was created to satisfy diverse industrial applications in accordance with the most recent electrical engineering standards now in use. Motor and blower feeds make up the foundation of the mcc panel.

Feeders are built with the electrical motor rating in mind. The majority of motor control system come with the option of both auto and manual mode. It is possible to manually run motors with manual supply. In auto provision, the motor must be started by an external signal (such as sensor feedback). The control panel sends out the signal. Additionally, the control panel will have indicators indicating the motor's functioning. Additionally, our mcc panel has a feature that allows it to be operated from a local, remote, or DCS depending on the situation. In order to provide safety against overload, short circuit, and single phasing, common protection are included into our MCC panel, taking into account the various applicable safety standards.
Upon request, we provide further features including earth fault, reverser power, under load, and over and under voltage. We also manufacture MCC panels that are PLC (programmable logic controller) and SCADA system compatible.

MCC Distribution Board

An electrical switchboard with one or more motor starting sections is known as a motor control centre (MCC). The ability to integrate a MCC distribution board solution with other distribution switchboards is a benefit of using it for motor starting sections. In contrast to other switchboard types, motor control centres frequently incorporate more extensive communication equipment addressing engine start/stop signals as well as signals pertaining to the operation of the engines and motors.
You can be sure that a motor control panel board from Shrinath Electric will be able to meet all of your customers' demands and expectations. With a supply solution of motor control panel board, you may have a high-quality switchboard that is built and sized for actual use. Thus, there is very little chance of costly downtime.

You can be sure that a motor control panel board from Shrinath Electric will be able to meet all of your customers' demands and expectations. With a supply solution of motor control panel board, you may have a high-quality switchboard that is built and sized for actual use. Thus, there is very little chance of costly downtime. The distribution board System is used to build all switchboard enclosure solutions that are planned and built with motor starting parts. This offers the maximum degree of flexibility in terms of the solution's height, breadth, and depth, as well as the ability to select any electrical components.

No other power enclosure solution has the same flexibility to adapt to changing demands. Simply alter or expand your current solution as requirements change. Or mix it with our remedies. Every product offered by us have undergone comprehensive testing. Several of the most renowned test laboratories conduct the tests. Because the MCC Distribution board offers a high level of safety for those working on the switchboard, the operating crew is in good hands.

MCC Electrical Panel

Shrinath Electric offers specially constructed motor starter control panels that are tailored to your unique needs and applications. In 30-amp and 60-amp variants, we now provide pre-built Panel ready mcc electrical panels. Panel-ready systems are constructed using tried-and-true parts that we annually install in thousands of control panels. MCC electrical panels are more dependable, easier to maintain, and have better access to replacement components because of the usage of non-proprietary parts.

A MCC electrical Panel, also known as a motor control centre, is a tool for managing and controlling electric motor performance. These MCC Panels come in two different types: completely drawn out with incoming and outgoing feeders, and non-draw out type. These motor starter control panels are frequently used for protection against overloads and faults, lowering start voltage, reversing control, or changing speed as needed. Large commercial and industrial applications often employ complicated power distribution systems. Switchboards, transformers, switchgear, and panel boards can all be used to distribute power. Applications for power distribution in commercial or industrial settings include heating, cooling, lighting, and motor-driven equipment.

Each enclosed portion of the motor control centres has a power contactor, a protection relay, and an isolator, and various control and indicator devices. These enclosed sections are connected by common busbars. As needed, the MCC are additionally equipped with VFDs, PLCs, metering, etc. To enhance the power factor, MCCs can have power factor correction electrical panels. To increase a given motor's power factor, separate capacitors may occasionally be employed for better result in power.

MCC Manufacturers in India

Due to our extensive knowledge of the needs of many sectors and our comprehension of those needs, we are able to provide our industrial customers with exceptional MCC Panel Board solutions. All of these panel boards are produced utilising top-notch materials and cutting-edge technology under the supervision of professionals. Our mcc panel is manufactured using raw materials that are purchased from reputable, legitimate market suppliers.
Simply put Shrinath Electric as (motor control centres) MCC manufacturers in India as an assemblage of many combination starters. A combination starter is an enclosure that houses a motor starting, circuit breakers or fuses, and a device for power disconnecting. Pushbuttons and indication lights may also be incorporated as additional motor-related gadgets.

A collection of combination starters in one unit makes up a motor control centre (MCC). A combination starter is an enclosure that houses a device for power disconnecting, circuit breakers, fuses, and a motor starting all in one. Pushbuttons and indication lights are only two examples of additional equipment connected to the motor.
Low voltage, three-phase AC motors between 208 and 600 volts are often controlled by motor control centre panel. Large motors running from 2300 V to around 15000 V need the use of medium-voltage motor control centres, which are constructed with distinct chambers for power switching and control which uses vacuum contactors for switching.

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