APFC Panel Manufacturer

We are leading manufacturer and supplier and exporter of APFC panel. Automatic Power Factor Correction (APFC) panel is used to raise an electrical system's power factor. The efficiency with which electrical power is transformed into usable work output is measured by the power factor. Inefficient energy use brought on by a low power factor may result in increased electricity bills and possible fines from utility companies.

The purpose of APFC panels is to automatically measure and correct the power factor of the electrical system they are attached to in order to reach a predefined goal. Usually, power factor correction capacitor connections and disconnections are managed to achieve this. By connecting these capacitors in parallel to the electrical system, reactive power's negative effects are mitigated, increasing the power factor overall.

Key Features of APFC Panels:

  • Automatic Control
  • Modular Design
  • Safety Measures
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Extended Equipment Life
  • Compliance
apfc panel manufacturer
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